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The Aquarium of Limousin

An ocean of curiosities ... Go on an exceptional world tour and discover the mysteries of the seas and oceans of the five continents! A most exciting adventure awaits you! At the whim of this wonderful journey, you will travel across Europe to rediscover the specimens of our rivers, you will set foot in Africa where species live with amazing characteristics, in Asia where you will observe tiny fish with extraordinary vivacity, in Amazon where famous predators populate tropical freshwater. You will then dive into the heart of the warm seas, in which is played a colorful ballet of the most fascinating. Located in an exceptional architectural site (an old underground water reservoir of the city of Limoges), the Aquarium of Limousin promises discovery, relaxation and entertainment. In almost two hours of visit, you will admire the treasures and riches of the seabed and will realize the need to preserve them.

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Magnifique aquarium très agréable à visiter en famille. A ne pas louper pendant votre séjour en Haute-Vienne, Limousin !